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Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu Is Open for Business. Same Why, Different How and What for the Moment!


We founded Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu in October of 2018. Our vision and mission is to improve and protect the lives of others in our community. We do this through teaching the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and judo.

What is Brazilian jiu jitsu?:

Jiu jitsu levels the playing field when it comes to self defense! Our student base ranges from children (age 5 and up), to men and women, law enforcement and first responders, to people of all ages, health and fitness levels, who all have one common goal in mind: To be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Team Rigan Machado

Team Rigan Machado offers exemplary training for fitness, self-defense and body/mind conditioning. We also offer specific classes geared towards women, children, and law enforcement.

Loveland Jiu Jitsu

Self defense designed for men, women, kids and law enforcement.


We have numerous programs designed for almost everyone. Our Brazilian jiu jitsu program is designed for men, women, families children, law enforcement and first responders. Our judo program is designed for ages 13 +.


View our current schedule here. As our academy grows, so will the availability of our class schedule.


View photos of our training, our students, and our events.


Rigan Machado

Master Rigan Machado. RMBJJ Network

Troy Pettyjohn

Head Instructor Adult BJJ. Judo Sensei.

Matt Shoup

Head Instructor Children's BJJ & Law Enforcement BJJ

Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu Reviews

View our customer's thoughts of Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu from Google.

    review rating 5  NoCo Jiu Jitsu is a safe place to learn, grow and gain confidence! The instructors truly have a heart for people / family and it shows through their ethics and how staff / members are treated. Love it!

    thumb Chloe Romero

    review rating 5  My family has trained with both Matt and Troy for a few years. I can't say enough amazing things about them. They are great with both kids and adults. They want the best for their students and cultivate a safe, friendly environment. I highly recommended them to anyone looking to start Jiu-justji.

    thumb Andrea Jasper

    review rating 5  It’s great training here, lots of knowledge and good people willing to help you succeed and continue to learn! I highly recommend it!

    thumb Ruben Granados

    review rating 5  Due to my career, I have had the pleasure of training at many BJJ Gyms across the country. I can confidently recommend Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu. Both instructors, Troy and Matt offer a welcoming environment with quality (and patient) instruction, this translates to students who are learning in a stress free atmosphere. If you have been kicking around the idea of learning Jiu Jitsu, I highly recommend you give this gym a first look, you wont be disappointed.

    thumb Michael East