Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at our academy along with our answers.

Question: What is your policy on gis?  Do I need to wear a specific color? Can I wear a gi from my previous academy? Do I have to purchase your gis only?

Answer: Whether you have trained at another academy or are just starting your jiu jitsu journey, we are happy you have chosen to step on the mats with us!  If you have come from another academy, you are welcome to train in your current gi.  If you have never trained before, we encourage you to find a gi that is comfortable and fitting for you.  When you decide to call Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu your home, we do ask you to purchase one academy gi to wear at seminars, special events or tournaments.  We do not require you to only wear our academy gi.  Apart from purchasing our one academy gi, you are welcome to purchase and wear gis, of any color you like, from other manufactures. The only thing we ask is that you wash them after every use.

Question: I have noticed that jiu jitsu and marijuana can go hand in hand. What is your academy’s stance on marijuana, alcohol, and other controlled substances?

Answer: No student at any time is permitted to walk through our doors and step on the mats under the influence of alcohol, or drugs. While various substances may be legal, it is not permitted to be under their influence at our academy. Anyone who shows up to class under the influence of a substance will be asked to leave the academy permanently, as they are a potential danger to themselves and other students.

Question: Can we bring our kids to class while we train? Will you watch them for us?

Answer: At Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu, we love families training together! However, we are not structured or insured as a childcare facility. We ask if your child is not able to quietly sit in a chair and not disrupt class while you train, that you either bring someone with you who can supervise them, or that they stay home.

Question: Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Answer: Unlike most academies, we do not require you to sign a long term contract. We bill you and you commit to a month to month payment plan, If at any time you need to take a break or a pause or decide our academy is not a good fit for you, just let us know.

Question: I have injuries or have been injured in the past. Is it still okay for me to train?

Answer: Yes, if you have injuries either past or current, please let us know.  Our instructors are highly trained in helping you train through and around your specific injuries.  We also have an academy culture where keeping our students safe is our number one priority.

Question: Are you a competition or self-defense school?

Answer: The nature of this question confirms the divide that currently exists in the jiu jitsu landscape.  To answer your question, we are both.  Unfortunately, many jiu jitsu academies feel they need to choose a side of either “self defense” or “competition” as they operate in the market. Our instructors have both a strong background in real life, practical self-defense, as well as competition. Some of our students choose to never compete, while some have a strong desire to consistently compete.

Question: What should I expect in my first class?

Answer: When you arrive to our academy for our first class, please arrive 15 minutes before class begins.  We will have you fill out a couple of quick pieces of paperwork and give you a tour of our academy.  Please wear comfortable fitting workout clothes, as you would when working out at the gym. Men, please refrain from cut off/sleeveless shirts. You will perform a light warm up with the class, and then you will work in a small group or one-on-one setting (depending on the number of instructors present) with our instructor. For your first class, there is a basic and fundamental set of movements and techniques you will learn in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment.  Our goal  for your first class is that you have fun, feel comfortable, learn the basics of jiu jitsu, and want to come back for class 2.