Jiu Jitsu Greeley, Colorado

Jiu Jitsu Greeley Colorado

Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu exists to improve and protect the lives of others in the city and community of Greeley, Colorado.

Our jiu jitsu, judo and self defense academy offers classes for adults, women, children, law enforcement and first responders. Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu teaches its students what to do and how to respond if they were to ever find themselves in a dangerous situation with another person.

What We Teach In Greeley

We teach Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo.  Jiu jitsu is a self-defense based martial art that encourages the use of leverage, timing and technique.

Jiu jitsu combines the use of takedowns, throws, ground grappling including the use of joint locks/manipulations and chokes to defend yourself. One of the fundamental concepts of jiu jitsu is for its practitioner to be resourceful by using their physical attributes to their maximum efficiency and effectiveness to defend themselves.  It also encourages using an opponent’s energy and motion against them.

Judo is a close cousin to jiu jitsu.  Judo incorporates throwing techniques, ground control, joint locks and chokes to defend yourself as well as using your opponents energy against them.

Our classes are designed not only to teach you how to defend yourself, but will also give you a great cardiovascular workout, encourage a healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle, and boost your overall confidence in your day-to-day life. Our training environment is one that encourages and promotes safety of our students first and foremost.

Our instructors are all formally trained and certified in Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu’s Certified Instructors Program and Leadership Jiu Jitsu , as well are fully criminally background checked. Not only are our instructors passionate about teaching our students martial arts, but they are also highly skilled in communicating these skills effectively and consistently. Co-founder, Matt Shoup, designed the Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu Certified Instructors Program to ensure that our students receive quality and consistency when learning from our instructors. This program teaches our instructors how to help improve our student’s lives by encouraging and developing their leadership skills both on and off the mats. Leadership Jiu Jitsu teaches students life’s core leadership principles and how these principals align and connect with jiu jitsu.

If you decide to call Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu your home, not only will you be joining a martial arts academy, you will be joining a family; a family that will support you, encourage you, and cheer you on as you journey through martial arts. Whether you are interested in learning jiu jitsu or judo as a form of self-defense for you or members of your family, please stop by Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu and try a free class with us.

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More About Greeley, Colorado

Greeley, Colorado is becoming one of Northern Colorado’s fastest growing communities.

As the need for oil and gas to be domestically sourced has grown, Greeley has become a Colorado hot spot for this industry.  The growing demand to live in Greeley has led to a thriving real estate market in both the residential and commercial sector.

Greeley is home to The University of Northern Colorado, which hosts one of the nation’s leading education and nursing programs in the country. Greeley is less than an hour drive to Denver International Airport and Denver. One cannot live in Greeley without visiting the annual Greeley Stampede; a celebration that hosts concerts, rodeos, a parade and carnival!

As this community continues to grow, so does the need for members of the community to learn how to protect themselves.  Any fast growing community boasts many benefits, but also holds the reality that with more people, come more people who may want to cause harm to others in the community.