Leadership Jiu Jitsu.Troy Pettyjohn Speaking on Excellence.


At Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu, we exist to improve and protect the lives of others in our community. We protect others and teach others how to protect themselves and their loved ones through teaching judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu. We improve their lives through a program created by academy co founder Matt Shoup called Leadership Jiu Jitsu. One of the foundations of the leadership jiu jitsu program involves determining your values. As we teach jiu jitsu to women, children, men, families and law enforcement, we always relate their jiu jitsu training to a value set that our academy runs by. We call this value set the NOCO Jiu Jitsu 12 Peaks of Leadership. Improve your leadership, improve your life. In this video, Troy is speaking on peak 1. Excellence. Be better today than you were yesterday. Compete against yourself, not others. Get one step better each and every day. Be excellent for your training partners. Keep them safe.

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