Rick Scadden. From Four Time Felon to Full Time Pastor

Welcome to Episode 2 of Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu Student Stories. In this episode, Loveland Colorado Pastor and Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu blue belt Rick Scadden shares his story. Rick’s journey from four time felon to full time pastor has played out over the last 15 years.

Rick shares how jiu jitsu and self defense forced him to deal with confrontation in a new light, and how jiu jitsu has shaped him as a new man. Rick also discusses his time with the Loveland house painting company, M & E Painting (also owned by Coach Matt Shoup) and the crucial leadership skills he developed while with M & E Painting. Rick shares so many pieces of wisdom in this interview including, finding yourself and who you really are, finding God, and finding a tribe of people to uplift and mentor you.

He also discusses tips and advice he would give to himself as a white belt, and tips and advice for new students trying jiu jitsu for the first time. He closed out by discussing the power of jiu jitsu for children. At one time, his twin daughters were being bullied. After just a few classes, they are now more confident and have the tools to stand up to a bully with jiu jitsu.

Nice work Rick. We are proud to have you at our academy.

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