Our Pricing

At Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu, you will always receive clear communication regarding the investment you make to train with us.  

We offer training packages to cater to both your financial needs, and your desire of frequency of training.

After you experience your free trial class, and you decide jiu jitsu is for you, below are our monthly membership options. We encourage you to begin at the level at which you are comfortable, and scale up or down from there as needed.

Month to Month Membership

  • Month to month memberships.  To begin your membership, we collect three months of membership payments upfront, and then on a monthly reoccurring basis on month 4 and beyond. We collect payment via EFT withdrawal from your savings or checking account. Classes do not bank or roll over to future weeks if not used. Below are two frequencies at which you may train:
    • 2 classes per week (includes free access to the Student E Academy and Member's Open Mat) $119 per month. 
    • Unlimited training (includes free access to the Student E Academy and Member's Open Mat) $149 per month. 
    • Upon activating your monthly membership, you will also purchase an academy gi
      • $119 plus sales tax for adult gis
      • $89 plus sales tax for youth gis

As with any type of gym or fitness membership, it is a use it or lose it model. Classes do not roll over to future weeks if not used.  If you find yourself not using the membership as you thought, we are easily able to FREEZE OR CANCEL membership.

To make adjustments to your membership, email: Any changes or adjustments to your membership must be made within three business days prior to your next billing date.

Prepay for 6 or 12 months and Save $ on Our Unlimited Package

Many of students decide to prepay for their unlimited monthly memberships either 6 or 12 months at a time. 

  • Save 5% by paying for 6 months upfront. $849.30 for 6 months
  • Save 10% by paying for 12 months upfront. $1,698.60 for months

**Lifetime Membership Option

Many students who have decided they want to commit to training jiu jitsu and train with us long term select this option. They pay 24 months up front for their un limited training membership.

Save 15% by paying two years (24 months) up front and NEVER PAY AGAIN! $3,039.60

Private One on One/One on Small Group Instruction

  • Our professors have limited availability to offer one on one or one on small group private lessons and training. Please inquire with one of our instructors regarding pricing and availability.

The Visitor Pass Option

  • If you are not sure which Monthly Membership option is right for you after your FREE trial class, we offer up to 3 Visitor Passes (good for one class each) at $25 per pass.  This will allow you to train a few more times until you make your decision. *This option does not include access to Member's Open Mat on Saturdays or our online video curriculum.*
  • Our visitor pass is also open to students who regularly train jiu jitsu and are visiting us from out of town.

Discounts Offered

  • We offer discounts to additional family members of 20% per family member per membership.
  • 25% discount to Law Enforcement, First Responders, Active Military and Veterans.